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Essential: A starting Ecommerce business can not do without. The only way to get targeted potential clients to the web site without spending a fortune.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of the Internet marketing plan of each company.

Why SEO?
Getting top ranking in search engines can generate a significant amount of potential client to the web site - no high fees like other advertising options.

How SEO?
Understanding how search engines spider the web.
Getting a web site prepared for a search engine is essential for top ranking.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips

The Basics:

A web site should have a well defined TITLE and a high density of keywords on the page, preferably on the top of the page in the first paragraphs. Clean HTML links to other pages to make spidering easy for search engines.

External links to the web site are needed, preferably to several pages. Focus on each specific pages on specific groups of keywords.

These are basics tips for Search Engine Optimization but doing it is also important. Then we can go for the next step in Search Engine Optimization.

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Free Web Usability Tips

Decision Making Process for Ecommerce

John Cato’s Model of Interaction Design and AIDA Model. John Cato and AIDA explain the different steps to before making a purchase.

The AIDA model is a hierarchical model follows the decision making process from "knowing the product exist" until "making the purchase".

Search Engine Optimization examples:

Local Kensington, San Diego Web Site:

SEO Tips/ Web Usability Testing

Jorden Boom Web Usability SEO Specialist



Web Usability

Positive Web Site Experience

Receiving a significant amount of potential client to a web site is great but are these potential clients:

  • finding the right information
  • getting excellent customer support
  • finding the products services they are looking for
  • getting the desire to purchase now

Effective design, implementing functional content and structure on the web site can increase the profitability of the web site significantly.

  • Do I know what the web site sells?
  • What services/ products are most important?
  • Why should I buy here?
  • Is this web site reliable?

Email Newsletters to get existing customer back to the website (instead of spending a multiple amount for new cyustomers).

Get more out of your website: Extensive one-on-one training/ consulting to improve your web site.

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Home Page Design

Free Tips for Designing an Effective Home Page


Examples of Successful Ecommerce Websites

Step one is to attract potential customers: is there a demand for the product and are people finding the web site (ppc advertsiment or SEO)?

Step two is to convert/sell: Are visitors just looking around, or clicking directly the back button or are these potential customer converting in real sales. Effective web usability is key.

Step tree is to keep customers and get more sales: Communicate with the existin gcustomers and offer them relating products, new arrivals and sales.

Step four: control cost/ make a good margin. Too many clowns on Ebay and other web sites clown around for months and figure out that selling 5 or 6 digits does not mean that lots of money has been made.


- Buying bad inventory which does not sell/ or sell with very low margins (it also takes time away for runn ing your core business)

- cost of credit card fees (1.99% is not 1.99% after all) and fraudelent orders and returns (30% returns on jeans (yes))? that happens

- Crappy customer service get the web site in a quick negative spiral, bad reviews means less business



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