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Experience: Jorden Boom has been successfully generated top ranking in search engines for dozens of web sites. Additional improved web usability has been implemented. Read More
Essential: A starting Ecommerce business has to focus on "getting potential clients" for their products instead of getting the products.
Know-how: Jorden Boom has implemented successful Internet marketing strategies for dozens of international businesses.

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Straight-to-the-Point Internet marketing strategies to improve you online presence directly:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Web Site Usability
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A huge amount of companies got their online presence with a pretty descent looking web site. They paid a lot of money for all the whistles and bells, which are often a waste of money and do not really improve the satisfaction of current clients and new clients.

Common issues regarding insufficient ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN:

  • Design in Wordpress Template/ Web Hosting Template

When thousands of web sites use a similar template it is not likely that these web sites will compete in search engines with a custom designed HTML web site by a SEO- Web Development professional.

  • Beautiful Design / No SEO

It is a waste to go back and forth with designers to get a $20,000 (which could have been done for $5,000) web site online without defining clear goals for the web site. These companies end up with a beautiful web site which does not come up on the first page in Google. No visitors means no sales. A SEO consultant has to be considered at a later stage, who very likely has to re-design parts of the web site to make it search engine friendly. In the worst case scenario the whole web site has to be redone. This will make the project extremely expensive.

How to prevent these issues?

Work with a web developer who designs a web site taking in account your marketing goals and integrate SEO techniques while designing the web site (not after).



Web Site Usability

A well designed web site will take in account the following to make the visitor satisfied:

  • Professional look
  • Web Site Product/Services clearly mentioned
  • Functional Design: easy to find most important product/services (people do not like to read online)
  • Easy Navigation(s)
  • Communication: Easy to contact for more information, how to buy or customer service

A better web site can improve the conversion rate significantly.


  • When I am on the web site for 5-10 seconds and it still not clear what the web site is about, I might leave the web site
    When I can not find the product where I looking for I will leave the web site
  • When the pricing is not clear I might ask customer support or leave the web site
  • When I have to look to long and I have to do too much effort I might leave a go one click away to one of the dozen competitors
  • When I find the product I need and I am willing to buy it now, I need a quick question answered by phone, am I able to connect?



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